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Process Control Instrumentation - PCI Repair

Process Control Repairs

IER's highly trained, specialist engineers, repair Process Control Instrumention (PCI), including: Counters, Temperature, Pressure, Level (Inc. Ultrasonic) etc.

2 Year Warranty

Specialist Servicing & Repairs to PCI

Working to component level, PCI faults are traced using both analogue and digital in-circuit test technology. Many parts, including obsolete components, are available from our own stock or from our worldwide network of suppliers.

Wherever possible your PCI equipment is functionally tested before its return, using equipment that we link to the controller or by using 4-20mA simulation. This testing ensures that the unit is working to the high standard that both the customer and IER engineers expect.


Upon request, IER can often offer recalibration of the repaired PCI equipment. This work is usually sub-contracted to an appropriate NAMAS traceable specialist.

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