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HMI Repairs, Industrial Monitors & Touch Screen Repair

Operator using an HMI Unit

IER’s specialist electronic engineers, can repair a variety of Touch Screens, Monitors and HMI (Human Machine Interface) units. Such display units include; Industrial CRT's, LCD's, Plasma and TFT's.

2 Year Warranty on Touch Screen Repairs


A common source of touch screen failure is caused by excess wear or damage through misuse. Many of these units are obsolete or expensive to replace. We are usually able to manufacture new overlays and membranes that function identically to the originals and are equally as robust.


All touch screens and HMI's are recalibrated by IER following the repair process, to ensure they are ready for immediate use.

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A Guide to HMI & Industrial Touch Screens

The HMI (Human Machine Interface) is an essential technological component, which allows user interaction. They are engineered taking into account ergonomics, usability and human factors engineering. A modern version of the HMI is the touch screen. The screen allows for human machine interfacing through singular or multi-touch gestures. Some touch screens are interacted with using a specialist stylus and replace the need for external input devices, including keyboards & mice. It is comprised of several layers - the first is a protective layer, beneath which is an electrical grid that recognises input. Below this is situated the LCD layer, which serves as the display screen.

If your device is experiencing loss of brightness, unresponsive touchscreen, or a cracked screen, then get in touch for the best HMI Repair Service.